ARRGH! Alliance of Romance Readers for the Good of Humanity

I’m so excited!  I just started a private Facebook Group called ARRGH! Alliance of Romance Readers for the Good of Humanity (my sense of humor couldn’t resist the name… I am the author who brought you SEAL My Grout, after all) and I invite you to join us!

As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m pretty passionate about nonprofits. And when I announced that 100% of my net profits for A is for Alpha this month will be going to the Hawaii Red Cross to help people devastated by the recent lava activity and earthquakes, I thought, “There must be other authors who do things like this… and readers who enjoy books even more when they know they are helping promote a worthy charity.”

Am I right?

So I created the group as a way that authors and readers can share information about books that somehow help a cause, whether by donating a portion of their profits… or by providing an organization’s contact information for causes that are highlighted in books (like you see in a lot of my From the Author back pages in my books)… or any other way that might help raise awareness or funds for a charity.

It’s my hope that this will inspire even more authors to help out nonprofit organizations… because I think a happily ever after for our world and its people is something we can ALL get behind, right?

We’re still a new group, so we’d love to have you join us on Facebook by clicking here. And feel free to share – we’d appreciate it!

I hope to see you there!



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