About Kate

Bestselling author Kate Aster specializes in swoon-worthy heroes inspired by the men she meets every day as the wife of a retired Army Soldier and daughter of a Navy Vet. Her steamy romances showcase the kinds of friendships and families we all want… along with plenty of laughter, heart, and of course, men with 8-packs.

She’s an avid snorkeler, animal lover, “beach read” fanatic, and margarita connoisseur.

If you’re looking for a quick escape from reality – the kind that can turn your day around, transport you to a beautiful setting, and remind you of the friendships, love, and sense of community that we all value…

(Not to mention bring you sizzling, toe-curling scenes of passion that may render you speechless.)

…Kate hopes her romances will give you the “book vacation” you need.

Happy reading!

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