Cover reveal!

I’m so excited about my new cover that I just had to share it with you!!

Yes, it’s got a SEAL and a dog. Seriously, two of my favorite things on the planet, right there on my cover. Toss in a chocolate sundae (which I was tempted to do since some of the characters ARE running an ice cream shop), and maybe a crab cake, and you’d have my version of heaven.

What do you think?KateAster_TwiceTempted_800px

I’m shooting for a release THIS MONTH (if everyone here stays healthy and we can avoid any major crises), and I’m not doing the pre-order thing this time. I just don’t want my readers to have to wait for this. Joe Shey’s promotion ceremony is something I’ve been aching to share with you for a looooong time, and I’m so happy to have it in this latest Tribute book.

I’ve got one more book that I’m finalizing right now – a stand-alone romance that is very near and dear to me, and you’ll definitely understand why when you read it.

But for now, I just wanted you to be able to enjoy a sneak peak at some mercilessly spectacular abs on my Twice Tempted cover!

I’ll update my website as soon as I release it. Thanks so much for your support.

2 thoughts on “Cover reveal!

  1. Barbara L. Kieffer June 15, 2017 — 8:18 pm

    Looking very much forward to reading any book of yours, but a Tribute book will be fantastic. Thank you!

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