Books Available in Paperback Format!

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve released my Special Ops: Homefront books in paperback format.

I’m so excited. I got my proofs the other day and – to quote Logan from More, Please – “I just prefer the weight of a good, heavy book in my hands.”

Sadly, though, my Corgi got ahold of my first proof and I was quickly reminded why I love my e-reader.


But you can purchase non-chewed-up books on Amazon today. Here are the links:

SEAL the Deal

The SEAL’s Best Man

Contract with a SEAL

Make Mine a Ranger

Thank you again for your support. Those of you who have written positive reviews on Amazon have literally built my career from the ground up. It’s kind of lonely and intimidating being an independent author. So all of you kind of make me feel like I’m part of a “team,” and not quite so alone in this venture.


Keep in touch and be well!

Kate Aster

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